Very comfortable in every respect: quiet and without draughts

Dust turbulence, dry air, unpleasant room climate? Not uncommon with intensive heating in winter or air-conditioning systems in summer. You don’t want all that any more? Then this is your solution: GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling – a unique heating and cooling system that works with heat radiation. The temperature in the entire room is regulated entirely according to your wishes and – here comes the best part – without any air flow!

This is convincing:

GP-Cool Speed – Uniform surface heat and coolness from above

Uniform surface heat and coolness from above

Let’s start with the problem of conventional heating and cooling systems. When you turn on your heating or activate your underfloor heating, the following happens: The air in the room is heated. Which, of course, is good at first. But it goes further. The heating system distributes this warm air through barely perceptible air currents in the room. And due to these air movements, (dust) allergy sufferers or people with dry eyes and mucous membranes in particular suffer massively from heated air.

And in summer, when the room needs to be cool? Then most of us are probably also familiar with the issue of “draughts” when the air conditioner is in operation – and not in a positive sense.

To prevent this problem, the GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling does NOT work with heat transfer through the air, but through the exchange of radiant heat from top to bottom and vice versa.

Probably the world’s most flexible ceiling

It is rare to find something so adjustable! No matter what your house, flat or office building is like, the GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling can be easily integrated anywhere. After installation, it “disappears” from your field of vision and is invisible.

By the way: Due to its flexible and quick applicability, the Climate Control Ceiling is not only suitable for new buildings, but also excellent for renovation projects.

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