GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling – variable in size and quickly installed

Ecologically and economically sustainable heating and cooling technologies are becoming increasingly important in the overall consideration of buildings. Thus, surface, cooling and heating systems that guarantee a comfortable indoor climate are also becoming increasingly indispensable.

The GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling is just that: ecologically and economically sustainable! It heats and cools quietly, saves energy and is highly efficient (heating and cooling in one system). Because it uses radiant heat and does not create any draughts, dust turbulence or a dry room climate.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Efficient assembly through robot-assisted pipe laying
  • No prefabrication, short delivery time
  • Flexibly adaptable directly on the construction site
  • Individual design
  • Applicable to ceilings, walls and sloping roofs

Uni-Fix: ONE screw anchor – MANY applications

  • 80% time saving during installation
  • Suitable for all standard building materials
  • Adjustment accurate to the millimeter
  • Fixing without physical effort

A real problem solver for plumbers, electricians, installers and many more.


We are now a member of the BVF!

With our GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling System, we have become a member of the “Bundesverband Flächenheizungen und Flächenkühlungen e.V.”. The BVF is an association of well-known system and component suppliers of panel heating, panel cooling and underfloor heating systems. As a network, the association bundles expertise, develops regulations and promotes the placement of systems on the market. As a competent contact, the BVF advises planners, architects, tradesmen, building owners, associations, testing institutes and standardisation committees.

We are now a member of the BVF!

GP-Cool Speed data now available at

GP-Cool Speed is now available as a BIM module at On the world’s leading BIM content platform, you can now download the digital files for planning free of charge. After a simple registration, you will have access to the data and can use it in programmes such as “Revit”.

GP-Cool Speed data now available at
Cool Racer

The “Cool Racer” robot – assembly made easy

The Cool Racer 2.0 was developed to make the assembly of the GP-Cool Speed system on site as easy as possible. The machine presses the 12 mm tubes precisely and quickly into the ready-assembled GP-Cool Speed profiles. Cordless and equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries, the Cool Racer ensures flexible use and easy handling.

The alternative: the “Cool Racer Junior”. The “handheld” unit is designed to be driven by a standard cordless screwdriver and, like Racer 2.0, and can be used on ceilings, walls or slopes. It is particularly suitable for highly fragmented and small ceiling areas and can be used for working height/distances from 0 – to approx. 4.30 m without scaffolding.

See for yourself! You can conveniently rent Racer 2.0, Racer Junior, the decoilers and the pipe tool. Of course, it is also possible to buy the tools.

From the laboratory to the construction site

To ensure that everything functions perfectly not only in the development laboratory but also on the construction site, we have placed the main focus of the GP-Cool Speed System on safe functionality and high quality under real conditions.

The most important aspects: Flexibility and availability. All components of the GP-Cool Speed climate-controlled ceiling can be delivered in a very short time. Precise prefabrication is not necessary. And even during installation, changes can be made and the ceiling components adapted to the new requirements.

From the laboratory to the construction site

On the safe side with GP-Cool Speed

Another important point is system safety. The cooling and heating ceilings guarantee the required performance readiness after installation. Ensuring large and permanent contact surfaces between the individual components is particularly important for long-term reliable surface temperature control. Therefore, we have developed optimal solutions for each interface.

The first heat transfer takes place between the pipe and the GP-Cool Speed profiles. In order to always have a sufficient surface area available, the system pipe is enclosed by the profile to approx. 70 % and also lies directly on the plasterboard. This creates an even and large transfer surface. Due to the pre-tensioning of the profile, the tubes are firmly clamped in the profile to compensate small tolerances.

Last but not least, the plasterboard cover layer is screwed directly to the cooling and heating profiles, thus creating a permanently stable connection between the plasterboard and the profile. The heat transfer into the room is thus permanently ensured.

GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling

  • Galvanised substructure
  • Standard CD 60/27 support profiles
  • Suspension with nonius or direct suspension systems
  • GP-Cool Speed Profile (distance variably selectable)
  • Direct screw connection between gypsum board and heat conducting profile

This is exactly what happens:

Pleasant radiant heat: GP-Cool Speed provides quiet room temperature control without draughts, dust turbulence or the otherwise typical dry heating air.


Inside the ceiling, cold water passes through the plastic pipes. This cools the heat conducting profiles and the ceiling surface. The ceiling, which is now colder than the room temperature, absorbs the heat radiation from the air and all objects and persons in the room and passes it on to the cooling water. The circulating cooling water transports the excess energy out of the building. In the process, the ceiling surfaces react very quickly after being switched on and just as quickly to changes.


In the case of heating, hot water is fed through the pipes, which heats the ceiling surface. The heated surface then radiates to and warms all persons and objects in the room. This results in an “immediate effect”, as persons present in the room already feel the heat radiation as being pleasant when the room air has not yet been heated at all. In the long term, the floor, walls and furniture also warm up: the perfectly constant room temperature distribution.

In both cases, you hear and see nothing of your room temperature control and are also not restricted in your choice of floor coverings. Thanks to the lack of radiators, you can furnish your rooms as you please.

This is exactly what happens

So the GP-Cool Speed climate ceiling can heat and cool … Is that all?

GP-Cool Speed climate ceiling

No, it isn‘t! Since it is a plasterboard ceiling in the broadest sense, almost everything that dry construction offers in terms of options is possible. For example, the ceiling can be built to be acoustically effective. Open perforation with different hole patterns makes it possible to build acoustic, cooling and heating ceilings in different designs. The sound absorption values that can be achieved are documented by test certificates of Baustoff + Metall. A design as an optically closed ceiling with acoustic plaster coating is also possible.

Furthermore, the ceilings can be designed in the shape of sails or as designer pieces. Light coves, different heights, slopes, curves and much more make them an individual part of the room design.


Would you like to get started with GP-Cool Speed right away and have a thousand questions about this unique and innovative climate control ceiling? For that event, we have provided the most important downloads for you here, which will help you a great deal with your planning.

And if you have any further questions, one of our staff members will be happy to help you at any time!


GP-Cool Speed data now available at

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