Why GP-Cool Speed? Because:

No draughts – pleasant indoor climate

Goodbye to dust turbulence! The GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling works by means of particularly pleasant radiant heat to heat or cool a wide area. This means that the room air is not needed as a transfer medium. Which means? No air currents, no draughts, but simply a very comfortable room climate.

Optimum heat distribution

Pleasantly cool in summer, comfortably warm in winter – perfect for every corner of the room. And as if by magic, because it is child’s play to regulate the temperature according to your wishes.

No draughts - pleasant indoor climate
Ideal for allergy sufferers

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Are you really dreading the “heating months”? Then it’s time for you to take a deep breath of relief and enjoy! Because thanks to GP-Cool Speed, there will be no more dust swirls and you can also get to grips with mould prevention in damp rooms in no time at all.

Silent and acoustically effective

No humming, no whirring, no gurgling. The GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling is completely quiet and highly effective.

Complete system for heating and cooling

GP-Cool Speed – that means “all in one”! Feel-good heating without dust whirling up for the winter, pleasant maintenance-free air conditioning without draughts for the summer. You always regulate your room temperature exactly as you need it. Well equipped without worries – made in Austria!

Short response time, strong performance

Only one can do that! The GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling ensures the lowest flow temperature of all heating systems. Every room is heated or cooled quickly in an ecologically and economically optimal way. And what’s more? It is maintenance-free.

Complete system for heating and cooling
Reduction of (energy) costs

Reduction of (energy) costs

Procurement is inexpensive, installation is quick and easy. That alone distinguishes the GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling from its competitors. But that’s not all. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it also saves energy – up to 20%! And speaking of “saving money”: climate-controlled ceilings are eligible for subsidies under current KfW programmes. Just ask!

Tested patented quality

Always be on the safe side – that is the be-all and end-all for every building and renovation project. GP-Cool Speed is system-tested, patented, quickly available and retrofittable.

Quick and easy assembly

We support you: We have developed the “Cool Racer” robot for effortless and smooth installation of the GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling. Things have never been so easy!

Flexibility and adaptability

It is the chameleon among the heating and cooling systems! GP-Cool Speed adapts everywhere. Changes can even be made during installation. In addition, you achieve maximum space gain thanks to the low installation height (from 30 mm).

Quick and easy assembly

And this is how it works:

The exchange of radiant heat without transmission and distribution via room air – that is the functional basis of the GP-Cool Speed Climate Control Ceiling. You can find out more here:

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